Stretch marks
March 11, 2010

not those kind of stretch marks.  I’m talking about being pulled in a dozen directions at once – wanting to do it all, right now – and the impact that can have on you.

It’s really fun to get going with a new project.  It’s really exciting.  Nothing wrong with that.  But here’s what the winners know – as the barriers of entry for competition keep dropping, the prizes go more and more to those with stamina.  Those who stick with their commitments until they reach their goals or are literally unable to reach them.  Those who do, every day and at every opportunity are those who are rewarded longterm.  those same people do not run after every shiny object that passes in front of them.  Google takes roughly 6 months before they will officially recognize your new website.  How many people do you know who give up on their goals within 6 months?  As the old adage goes – “Success is usually just on the other side of obstacle that makes most people quit.”

Here’s the real problem – taking on the new shiny object and not quiting your current project.  You keep piling those on, and it will start to show (stretch marks).  All projects will suffer because you decided to take on too many at once.

Pick a winner.  Stick with it.  Give it everything you’ve got because if you don’t someone else will.