Choice as an only option
April 24, 2009

For those who don’t regularly read Seth Godin’s blog, do so.  He’s a bright guy… I’d go so far as to enter him into the “genius” category. pea0332peanuts-lead-don-t-follow-posters And he blogs… alot.

Today Seth wrote about choice.  About how choosing nothing is the arena of cowards, bureaucracies and short term thinkers.  Personal recommendation – don’t be in that category.  Don’t be on the responsive end, where you’re dragged into the next generation of anything.  If you’re the last in, chances are you have little choice in where you’re going.  The people who go first – the innovators, the avant garde – get to make the rules.  The enter a new, uncharted arena and they get to decide what works best, based on their values and direction.  Yes, when you lead the charge, you risk embarrassment.  you risk grand, public, messy failure.  I take grand, messy failure over mediocrity any day.  When the change is coming (and it’s always coming), make the choice to be on the front edge.  Make the choice to change proactively, rather than reactively.

And read Seth’s blog.