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My Expression
May 24, 2010

I have a passion for expression.  I think it’s one of the reasons why I’m drawn to non-fiction writers; each of them has a message to share – a message that’s burning to get out, and the book is one of the truest ways to do that.  Interviews are another way.  Hence the Horse’s MouthInFlight Leadership is really built around that principle as well.  Yes, it helps employees develop a voice and a self directed sense of purpose, and yes that has a positive impact on bottom line.  But more than that, InFlight is about Leader expression.  It’s about providing very busy people with the tools they need to take a 45 minute time out from “doing” and to focus on expressing.  On showing their team that they care.  That they have a passion, and that they want to express it cleanly enough, repeatedly enough, that their team understands and, if they’re in synch, can come on board, giving that passion another voice.  the great companies of our time don’t just sell great products.  They offer a platform to their people, a platform from which they can express their true selves.  Because once that voice is clear, once it’s unified with like minded passion, it grows at an exponential rate.  And THEN it has the potential to be heard.  To make a difference.

(The final link is to Sir Ken Robinson’s latest TED talk.  This is a man who expresses.  Brilliantly.)