What do Sharma, Godin, Martin and Vaynerchuk have in common?

You’ve heard Newton’s quote, “If I’ve seen any further, it’s because I have stood on the shoulders of giants”?  I’m starting to feel a little like that.

In the past four months, I’ve had the rare and fortunate opportunity to sit down with Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Roger Martin and Robin Sharma (coming soon).  These gentlemen are uncontested thought leaders in their fields; Godin on marketing, Vaynerchuk in the digital realm, Martin in the future of business academia and Sharma in Leadership.  Four authors in various stages of their careers, four completely different upbringings and four completely different fields.  In fact, the only real connection between them (and likely the only reason I was able to sit down with them, despite their insanely busy schedules) is that they all had books come out recently.  All best sellers, I might add.

And here’s the topic:  “If you want to succeed today, you need to use your job as a platform to embrace what you love and create positive change.”  Let me re-iterate:  This is the theme for all four books. Think about this for a second – academia, marketing, digital, personal development – all writing about the same topic.  And here’s the crazy part:  the two most established writers of the group (Godin and Sharma) both told me that they can’t imagine writing another book right now.  They’re both taking time off to promote their message: If you want to succeed today, you need to use your job as a platform to embrace what you love and create positive change. 12 and 15 years (respectively) of churning out best seller after best seller, and this is the message they feel they need to share above all else.

I love it.  I love how uplifting this message is.  Hard hitting business guys, completely uplifting message.

I read somewhere once that the most common reason for change is that “people hurt so much that they’re forced to change”.  I think that time is coming.  Our jobs aren’t safe any more if we’re fulfilling our “job description”.  Computers can fulfill job descriptions.  Overseas workers can fulfill job descriptions for $4/hr.  If you want job security, you need to create real value.  You need to think.  You need to passionately embrace that which you do, to the point where you positively impact those around you.  You need to create an experience for your customers.  You need to be a Linchpin to your business.  You need to be a Leader Without a Title.  You need to embrace innovative thinking, and most certainly, you need to Crush It!

If the leading thinkers of our time are all on the same page, I think it’s time the rest of us sit up and take notice.


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