A funny thing about the good pens

I happen to particularly enjoy writing with the PILOT Fineliner.  Something about the smart black felt tip makes me happy.

Which is why it’s frustrating when they’re never around.  I buy them 10 at a time, and yet seem to lose them far more often than the crappy blue Bic thats been at my desk for months.  It’s because I hoard them.  I go out of my way to take one of the PILOTs with me whenever I head out to a meeting, coffee house, grocery store, etc. and inevitable end up leaving them in my car, my jacket pockets, my notebooks – everywhere but where I actually need them most (at my desk).

Strange phenomenon, huh?  The pens I love most disappear the fastest, the Bic I wish would disappear is always in the same place.  There’s a lesson in there somewhere.  I’m far too busy to find it though – I’m looking for a pen.


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