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iloverewardslogoI met Rob at a housewarming party last weekend.  Great guy who works at a fascinating company – iloverewards.  I say fascinating, because within 10 minutes of meeting me, he invited me in to tour the web based company.  I took him up on the offer and spent an hour this morning sitting in on their “PPT” 9 minute meeting, met some of the team and went for lunch with Rob.  What a brilliant company.  Here’s what I learned:

Communication is everything. These guys do a nine-minute meeting everyday.  The meeting consists of updates, recognition and verbally stating action items for the day (holding everyone accountable for their contribution)

Celebration builds team. Iloverewards has built a lounge into their office, designed a company mix drink and holds “Round One” cocktail hours every Friday at 5 pm.

Recognition is profitable. This whole company (who recently received a large VC investment for US expansion) is dedicated to recognizing the work of others.  Everyone in the firm (and everyone using their products) has the ability to recognize co-workers, superiors and/or reports for “rock star” accomplishments.  And it works – people all over the company are looking for opportunities to catch someone doing something right.  What a culture.


Many thanks to Rob and his team for their “open door” policy – we need more companies with this level of passion, transparency and vision.  You can expect big things from these guys.



2 Responses

  1. You’re right. I was at one of their open house meetings and felt totally shocked by their energy and unique ways of doing things. Sometimes I got the feeling that I was a Google office of something like that. Great experience. Maybe destined to be a Fortune 100 company.

  2. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for sharing this info. It sounds like iloverewards is the ideal corporate environment that encourages its people from the inside out. A place where people are focused on sharong the good things that you do. I have not yet seen such a place yet and look forward to visiting one day.

    The best part: their products aim to bring this passionate environment to other companies. Wonderful!

    Sonia, Feedback Enthusiast

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