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Another lesson from Geese
November 25, 2009

Learned an interesting thing about Geese today.

Most of us know already that they fly in a V to cut down on wind resistance; by working as a team they can travel further, and fly longer than they ever could if they traveled on their own.  Over 4 times further, in fact.  It turns out that there’s another reason for travelling in a pack though. Geese actually encourage each other on.

When you hear Geese honking as they fly by?  They’re not just making noise for the hell of it.  They’re actually encouraging each other, and reminding the others that they are a team.  Here’s the lesson – there’s no set hierarchy to the encouragement.  everyone encourages everyone.

The power of team encouragement is a pretty powerful thing.  When was the last time you congratulated or encouraged a team mate?

Find somebody to honk at today.