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global appreciation
September 9, 2009

After six weeks of travel, including three weeks abroad, I return home with a sense of peace, tranquility and humble appreciation for the beauty and almost magical properties that represent my life.  The people I have met, and reconnected with, are truly the epitome of human decency and compassion.  From new friends that have welcomed me into their lives and homes with open arms and hearts, to the dear friends I have had the wondrous pleasure of reconnecting with, I am reminded in no uncertain terms of the warmth and decency that encircles the members of the human race who live their lives with passion, purpose and a sense of adventure.

I am reminded of the limitless possibilities of our modern world, and the timeless elegance of the human spirit.  The world is truly waiting to fulfill all our dreams and desires, provided we are willing to relinquish control over the minutiae and mundane.  Life is too big and too epic for us to be consumed with the little ups and downs that we all experience.  We all have doubts, concerns, uncertainties and character lapses.  What’s important, and what I have been reminded of time and again in my travels, is that it matters little what’s happened in our lives to date, and much more what we choose to do with those unique experiences, and how we will live the rest of our days, starting with this one.

I am humbled, amazed and inspired by the strength and unity of the six billion people on this planet.  Making your mark is about living life by your terms – pursuing your passions and encouraging others to pursue theirs.  I have learned that life is exquisite in its uniqueness and similarities and that global travel is a remarkably eye opening experience.

Specific learnings from the journey to follow in the coming week.