The tipping point of distraction


I will boldly argue that focus and distraction are virtually the same thing.

Distractions take our attention.  They are often “shiny”; exciting and full of promise.  Something attracted us to them in the first place, they are most likely unique or unexpected…. initially.  Distractions are cool, for now, but by tomorrow have most likely been replaced by a new, “fresher” distraction.  Distractions are short term.

Focus, on the other hand, is long term.  Focus is being attracted to something initially because it was “interesting”, “cool” or “new”, but then, upon closer inspection, appears to have longer term inpact on our lives and how we live them.

This blog was initially a distraction.  Something fun, new and interesting.  Then it became work.  Posting every couple days?  The repetition (or perceived repetition, as it’s not really repetition at all once you actually get writing) gave the blog dangerous potential of slipping by the wayside.  So why hasn’t it?  Because I looked long term and decided it was something worth doing, based on the plans that I have for the next few years of my life.  The key of turning a distraction into a focus, I believe, is expanding your field of vision and deciding what’s important in a broad sense than “What I want to do right now”.   Distractions are fine… if they’re combined with a little sense of purpose.


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