The first cut is the deepest

bigstockphoto_Jumping_For_Joy_312640Sheryl Crow’s lyrics are all about the first hit, the first major setback, and the emotional impact it can have.

The truth of the matter is that it goes both ways – yes, the first setback hurts the most, but the first major jump forward is also the sweetest victory there is.  The Goose had it’s first corporate client commit today, and I can say that it’s an amazing feeling.  Exactly 364 days after the first Goose article went out, we have our first bit of traction in the corporate world.

The lesson here is twofold –

1.  Success takes time – have faith in your vision and the quality of your offering, always.  If you contribute in a unique and powerful way, others will take notice.  It will always take longer than expected, but it will happen.

2.  Celebrate the victories – it doesn’t have to be grand, it just has to be meaningful.  Life was meant to be fun; especially when you’re playing by your own rules.  Find exquisite joy in everything you do.

This is just the beginning, but it absolutely is the beginning… and I’m excited.


One Response

  1. Congratulations!

    I have always felt that things happen for a reason and setbacks are just helping you move back in the right direction.

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