Three little words

I was in the checkout line at a gas station the other day where I was witness to what I can only describe as the most natural salesperson in the world.  The gentleman beyind the counter spoke very little English, however the English he did know he knew well.  His favorite three words?  “Did you know…”  at which point he’d either stumble through a sentence, or just point at various signs around the store:  “second chocolate bar, $0.50”  or “2 drinks for $2”.  And people walked out with two of everything they were planning to buy one of.  It was like the Noah’s arc of confectionary goods going out the door.  It was amazing.  Here was a guy who barely spoke English, repeatedly upselling a stream of impatient, distracted people.  And he did it in such a way that people thanked him for it.

He was percieved as unassuming, polite, and helpful.

Three little words – “Did you know…”

People can’t buy what you’re selling unless they know what it is, and where the deals are.  Help them out.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have two Mars bars to eat.


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