Self Help is a lie.

SELFHELP ONLYthe term, not the industry.

It’s such a misleading idea;  “self”.  “help”.  Does it not imply that you should grow on your own?  That you, in isolation, can become everything you want to be?  I know hundreds of examples of successful people, and not a one of them did it on their own.  Collaboration is key.  Teamwork is everything.  Whether it’s a mentor, a mastermind group, a partner or a formal instructor, we need to learn and grow in the company of others.

With the Goose, I have 1 partner, 3 collaborators, 5 shareholders (all but one of whom are actively involved in growing the business) and 2 mastermind groups (with 10 and 15 members, respectively).  Not to mention a dozen or so other confidants who help in various capacities.

Which brings me to almost 50 people who I can go to for suggestion, advice, guidance or comfort.  (and that doesn’t even take into account the 600 + members of our reader base who jump in with ideas and suggestions on a regular basis).

Am I driving the bus?  certainly.  I choose which direction I wish to grow.  But I guarantee you, this passion of mine would still be struggling to even define what it is we do, were it not for the involvement of these fifty phenomenal individuals.  I don’t care how smart you are, nothing compensates for collective experience and insight.  Collaboration is everything.

So no, I don’t like the term “self help”.  There’s nothing “self” about it, except for the direction you choose to go.  I’d rather the industry was called, “self directed improvement”.  A bit of a mouthful though, and I suppose not everyone cares about semantics as much as I do.


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