Seminars, Workshops, Conversations and Meetings

Here’s my thought on the lot of them – you’re going to get out of them what you choose to.

For most people, meetings, seminars and the like are (in the long run) a massive waste of time.  A couple ideas get you excited momentarily, but within 24 hours has fizzled away to nothing.  Choose to be the exception to the rule.

The easiest way to do that is to choose one idea.  One idea that you then act on, and make an actual difference.  It would be nice to think we could get everything out of a workshop and that that one event could change our life.  No event has the power to change your life.  You choose what event has what impact.  Start small, build from there.  Implimenting even just one idea from every “hour +” group activity puts you ahead of 99.9% of the population.


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