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$9 Integrity
June 24, 2009

I had my briefcase in for repairs at Evex earlier this week.  (Exciting stuff, I know – bear with me)

The repairs were quoted at a whopping $27, but when I returned to pickup the case (less than 24 hours later), the same cashier informed me that she’d realized I after I left that she could fix it more cheaply.  New bill:  $18.

Here’s what I love; she absolutely did not have to tell me that she’d figured out a cheaper way to repair my bag.  I’d dropped it off, we’d agreed to a price, I’d left.  Transaction complete.  All that was left to do was pay.  Could she have kept the $9 difference?  Certainly, and I would have been none the wiser.  But that was not an option for her.  Because her integrity is worth more than $9. What’s yours worth?  What would those who know you say?

One thing for certain – I know where I’m buying my next suitcase.