1000 Days

three_yearsWas at a BizLaunch seminar yesterday – great organization.  Founder, Andrew Patricio, mentioned something that caught my attention:

“It takes 1000 days to establish a brand”

First reaction – where do they come up with numbers like that??  Then, I thought about Gladwell’s research for Outliers, and about the importance of 10,000 hours of practice to become world class in anything.  Kind of a neat correlation.  Of course, there aren’t 10,000 working hours in 1000 days (roughly 3 years).  Then again, what startup entrepreneur only works during “working hours”.

Heard a great line to that effect the other day:

“Being self employed means you get to work half days.  It’s your choice whether you work the first 12 hours, or the second.”  😉

I bet, if you followed enough specific examples of success, you’d find that the 10,000 hours discussed in Outliers would hold true with creating a brand as well.

Fact of the matter is – you just can’t compensate for dedication and hard work. No matter what the media tells you.

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