They want you to win

calendarI’m fascinated by the amount of high quality, real time education that exists out there on virtually every aspect of entrepreneurship.  We are in a world of people that want you to succeed.  I have two webcasts and one live event within the next two days on the key pieces of the business that I want to focus on right now.

For those interested, I would highly recommend:

Duct Tape MarketingFor small business owners and independent professionals. John Jantsch is a brilliant, well connected guy.  I use this site for the webcasts – free hour long instruction from some of the brightest minds of our generation.  (Podcasts available as well)

BizLaunch.caCanadians only. The Patricio brothers (?) have partnered with Staples, Bell, Cisco, Scotia Bank and others to bring free, no string workshops to the Staples store near you.  I’m checking out my first one on Thursday – I’ll let you know how it goes. – Just getting into this one, but I love it – Bright Talk currently houses 800 recorded webcasts, and they’re growing.  I have been on one of these webcasts already, and loved the interaction it allowed.  Worth checking out.

The resources are there, and they’re often free.  I just offer you this one piece of advice – understand that if you’re attending a free hour long seminar, the host will (most likely) be offering something for sale.  Be ok with that.  You don’t have to buy it, but at least be respectful and appreciative of their time.  Your hour long education session was free, their time wasn’t.


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