Motion sickness

Proactive versus reactive.sharpturn1

Think of a car on a windy road; the driver gets to anticipate his own movement.  He leans into the turn, tightens his grip, braces for the movement.  Now imagine a passenger with his eyes closed… without a seatbelt.  The driver gets to be proactive.  The passenger, reactive.

21st century business is like that.  There are no long straight aways in business, especially small to medium business.  Every day is a new corner to turn, a new direction to grow.  A strong leader provides a map of the road ahead (to avoid those passenger head bumps).

So what if you don’t have a leader who thinks to hand out a map?  Two options – find a new leader, or get behind the wheel and drive.  What can you do today to move ahead of the curve?  What can you do to provide forward momentum for your company, instead of just hanging on and reacting to it?

Fortune favors the bold.  So do small business owners.


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