Management? Really?

Reading David Allen’s latest – “Making it All Work”.   (His followup to Getting Things Done)

Only 60 pages in, but an interesting read so far.calendar

I particularly like the definition and discussion of  “management” on page 30.  There, Allen says, “‘Management’, by definition is the allocation of limited resources, which requires making good choices – in other words, prioritization.”

People talk about “time management” all the time.  What does time management mean to you?  For many people, I suspect, it’s taking the various obligations, requests and demands on their time, fitting them into the hours they have (best they can), and then adding in the things that are of personal importance after that.  Anyone else see the inherent flaw here?

There’s a reason the governement takes income tax off every paycheque, rather than sending a bill at the end of the year.  As a society, we’re not particularly strong at allocating resources to the “important-but-not-so-urgent”  needs in our lives.  Instead, we react to the here and now.  The important stuff we’ll get to…later.  Just spoke with a friend today who learned her 58 year old mother has a rare form of cancer.  She’s got 6 months to a year.  Sometimes we don’t get a ‘later’.

Which brings me to my point;  Time management, real time management, is about prioritization.  It’s about being clear to your values and being selective in how you spend your time.  It’s not just agreeing to everything and fitting it in as best you can.  A life well lived is a life lived with purpose, and choice.  As author Matthew Kelly says, “to say No, you need to have a bigger Yes.”

Choose your Yes.


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