Man, Myth or Legend?

superman-capeJust finished the fascinating read, Jack, Straight from the Gut; the autobiography of General Electric’s ex-CEO, Jack Welch.

Loved it. Not only was it an enjoyable read, (Welch’s writing style is witty, upbeat, inspiring) the book is a refreshing look at “what can be” in the world of global corporate entities. The guy has rapidly become a hero.

And then I went on Wikipedia.

I tell you, If I’d started started here first, I never would have picked up Jack’s book in the first place. On a supposedly “non-biased” platform, the authors of the wiki page dismantled every good thing the guy ever did. They claim he received too much credit for this, and not enough blame for that. And absolutely – it’s non-biased. It’s a mechanical 2 page report summarizing the life of one of the greatest business minds of the 20th century. And it has no life.

Maybe it’s the direct contrast to the warm, engaging, witty rapport of Welch that literally leaps off the pages at you, but I was harder pressed to finish the 2 page wiki than I was to get through the 437 pages of Welch’s book.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Wikipedia, and all things globally accessible (and free!) What Jack’s book reminded me of, though, was the value of passion. Wikipedia lacks passion. Possibly because it’s non-baised. If that’s the case though, i think I’d rather have a little bias. I’d rather have emotion, context, STORY. I want the humanity back in reading… even if it requires a little exaggeration to make it so.

Story telling… that’s what it’s all about.


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