Go for Broke.

You may have heard before that the average millionaire declares bankruptcy three times before reaching their “millionaire status”.
Do you know why that is?

It’s not because you have to have a risky personality. It’s not because you need to go broke to appreciate or value money. It’s because the people who become the millionaires never give up, regardless of what happens. Most people give up before they go broke once. They have a certain “pain threshold” and stop once they hit it. Millionaires (the self made kind) don’t seem to have that. It comes down to a matter of commitment. It’s the relentless pursuit of the end game, executed with a rare passion and fervor.

The difference with a millionaire is how much they’re willing to go through to get what they want. Financial security is really just a matter of persistence paying off.

It’s a reward for those who commit.


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