How Sticky is your Brand?

Couple big ideas here, rolled into a 250 word blog post.  That said, take a deep breath and dive in…

Pt 1. Everyone’s got a brand. You, your company, your social group, your family.  There are ideas, ideals and values that you are maintaining and then projecting into the world around you.  Big question here – is your brand being defined for you, or are you the concious marketer?  What type of person do you want the world to see you as?  Is that accurate with reality?  Where’s the discrepancy, (if any) ?  Can you actively “close the gap” between your desired brand and the current understanding?

chewing_gum_picPt 2. How “sticky” is your personal brand? Dan and Chip Heath coined the term “stickiness” in reference to how memorable your message is.  Do people retain, share and act on your message?  Or is it forgotten as quickly as it was heard?  Some quick tips on making your message more sticky:

Simplify the message:  one clear idea

Be Unexpected:  is theres something powerful and unusual you want to say?

Have Concrete details:  Theory and Philosophy is fun… but not usually very sticky.  What’s your end game?

Be Credible:  Why should people believe you?  Add to your credibilty by being consistent and reliable.

Appeal to Emotion: People want to connect to something.  Share a message that gets their hearts, as well as their heads.

Tell a Story:  At the end of the day, we all pay attention like we did when we were 5 years old.  To appeal to the masses and create action, we need to get them on board with a story.  If you can incorporate them into the story, so much the better.

Ok, so 291 words… and about 3 books worth of info.  Digest at your own pace.

Read the Goose article Made to Stick, by Chip and Dan Heath.


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