Details, details.

It’s so easy to get bogged down in them.

I met with a client today who reminded me (indirectly) of the value and importance of thinking big.  My client and her husband live big lives.  They play big and they work big.  And honestly – it’s a bit annoying sometimes for those around them.  “Why aren’t you focused on the details??” is the unspoken lament.


Certainly, there is importance in the details.  We need to make sure that all our activities are well thought out and well executed.  But there needs to be balance.  It’s so easy in our information saturated world to get caught up in the minute.  The Ipod needed to be designed exquisitely in order to have the impact it has had.  But if it hadn’t been a grand thought – a device that was inherently designed to change the world of music – I guarantee it wouldn’t have had the impact it did.

What’s your Ipod?  What are you working on, or dreaming about, that has the ability to change the world?  You play small, take a few little chances, and you’ll end up with small results.  Big gains come from big dreams, meticulously executed.  Apple has rabid fans because of the company’s dedication to major advancements.  The dream comes first, then the details.  Make sure you’ve got them in the proper order.


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