On or off the wagon?


You hear that expression every once in a while – “He fell off the wagon”, or “back on the wagon”.  Not the “bandwagon”, mind you.  This is a general sort of wagon… usually referring to someone with an addiction of some sort.  I started thinking about the expression today.  I’ve been accused of having a literal mind, and this may be case and point:

If you were to actually fall off a wagon, a couple things would happen, I would imagine:

  • It would hurt a little… or a lot.  Depends on how fast the wagon is going.
  • It would hurt your ego a little.
  • If you really wanted to get back on the wagon, you’d have to run like hell to catch up to it.

It’s that last one that got me.  Sure, it would hurt (mentally and physically), but the big thing to realize is, the wagon keeps moving.  If you have any intention of getting back on it, now is the time to do that.  You wait a little longer, and the wagon’s that much further away.  The best time to jump back into anything is immediately after you fail.

It’s February – big New Year’s Resolution breaker.  So you’ve slipped a bit.  The question is – are you going to jump back on now, or let that wagon get a little further away?  You wait too long and you may just lose sight of it; not to mention your reasons for wanting to be on it in the first place.  Your call, but I’d start running after it.  NOW.


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