60 opportunities a minute


I’ve been thinking lately about the value of a minute. Like a lot of things in life, the value of each minute is really dependent on you.  In the next 60 seconds, what will you accomplish?

It’s not a lot of time.

You can’t climb mountains in 60 second. You can’t get in shape, get a promotion or start a new business. but you can start. In The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey talks about the “first creation” – the idea that everything is created twice; first in your mind, then in reality.

That in mind, what’s stopping you from starting the first creation right now? What’s stopping you from beginning the process of envisioning the life of your dreams? The job, the partner, the opportunities? What’s stopping you? And is it really more important than your dreams?

We all need to earn a living, we all need to take care of the “maintenance tasks”. But could you spare a minute? Could you take the next 60 seconds to dream a little? o take the first step in your mental creation?

What’s a minute worth?

Could be next to nothing. Could be everything. You choose.


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